Selected Poems

“Ivy.” The Raintown Review (forthcoming)

“Hush-Time Supplies.” Illuminations (2021)

“It Was The Unpropitious Owls And Then.” Folio (2018): http://cafemfa.com/folio33/

“Tabloid Clays And Paints,” “A Writer’s Camp Diptych,” and “Windswept Frameworks.” The Stickman Review (2015)

“Emergency.” Poetry Quarterly (2014)

“Such Latitude,” “Temple Dew,” “A Fucking Can,” “Yes And No,” and “The Pitter-Patter Strike.” Toad Suck Review (2014)

“Invitation.” Subtropics (2014): http://subtropics.english.ufl.edu/past-issues-2/#issue_17

“My Supper Taint, Y’all.” Southword (2013): http://www.munsterlit.ie/Southword/Issues/25/wuest_charles.html

“Rosalind” and “For a Few Days of Legend.” Subtropics (2007)

“Brother Klaus” and “Three Cansos.” Verse (2005)